making a yarn skeiner...

oh yah, the "let's do it in a weekend" project.. you know the one... I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!! surely we can fashion one from the old kiddy-fence & stuff lying around the house - there's no need - or time for that matter - to go to the hardware shop -is there???

well... no as it seems!! with a lot of persistence and ad-libbing, we (i say we, because a little "HONEY can you just hold this while I....." goes a LONG way!!!!)
actually did complete it in two days (it would have been done in one if i didn't have to wait for the glue to dry!!)

so mmmm very impressive if I do say ... for the first attempt at least!! Especially for a make-do-with-what-you've-got creation... It's even adjustable ..WOW! tich tich - enough wind for one day!


Jeanie said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog by doing a Google search for yarn skeiner and saw your home made skeiner! It looks great and I'm wondering how you like it. I'm looking for an easier way to wind yarn (as opposed to my niddy noddy) and thought the yarn skeiner might be the way to go. I know that Ashford makes a Kiwi Skeiner, however I prefer my skeins to be slightly larger than the Kiwi (or any other skeiner) comes. I'm looking for something that will allow me to wind 2 yard skeins and thought I might see if I could convince my husband to make one similar to yours. The thing is, I'm wondering if it will be significantly faster than my niddy noddy or not. Any info you can pass along to me is GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!!!

michelle said...

thanks for your comment Jeanie, Skeining is super fast with a skeiner. I'll send you an email with some pics! Happy skeining!


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