a blanket of white..

... covered the loungeroom rug.. for a second there i thought the snow had fallen into our house (which wouldn't have ben impossible here in the mountains).. but then i took a look at the two very sheepish twins close by - one had a totally white face, except for one eye looking innocently towards me... a glance to the other side of the room reveals her twin hastily throwing the now empty bottle of talc to the floor (ah oh, quick before mum sees me with it, i'm totally innocent!!) Yah! I just love how the toodler mind works!! .... all it took was 1minute 46seconds to empty the entire bottle of talc powder while mum wasn't in the room! MAN THAT WAS "TWICE THE FUN"!!

Actually I think the: "twice the work, twice the fun" had to be the most often remarked comment I received when i was pregnant with my twins... you know, I just don't think you can truely grasp the truth of it until you're amoungst it...[IF YOU ARE EXPECTING TWINS OR ARE A NEW MUM, PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!]...

Parenting twins is BLISSFULL with every meaning of the word.. often you feel like you are hovering above the earth looking down on your hectic daily/nightly round (for a while there is no distinction between the two), often due to the faint feeling you get from months of continual sleep deprivation, but sometimes (the times you care to remember) are due to the very special moments of connectedness that only twins can have. The latter will be easy to remember, because they may seem so rare, you'll want to cherish the moments forever - you haven't worked hard to get them for nix! *-*

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