studio clean up day

if there is going to be one place in the house that is free to be as free as a saggittarian needs to be, then you think it'd be in her studio don't you! This has just got to be the craziest place for my "sacred-space" husband to enter into... he's going nuts at the stuff everywhere, & finally, I have to agree with him. It's the middle of winter, yet i am soooooo stinging for a Spring Clean in here.

So, he offered to take the kids out FOR THE WHOLE DAY...(YaY)... THE WHOLE DAY - Just so I can get to it.

Of course I could think of one-thousand other things I could be doing with this rare & wonderful time to myself
(undisturbed relaxing bath;
reading a whole chapter of my book;
spinning a few bobbins;
knitting my latest pattern draft;
taking a breathtaking bushwalk across the road into the valley of rainforest, breathing in the cool crisp air;
need i go on!) to revitalise, but the studio is calling me LOUD & CLEAR... & after all, I seem to think clearer when my space around me is clear... so off I go!
Mind you, I did sneak in a long & lovley phone call to a beautiful sage-soul-friend of mine whilst passing the time cleansing.... I wonder if cleaning the external space works on the inner space of the mind too.... I'll tell you tomorrow if I feel like I've had a retreat at an Ashram, or NOT!

as you can see, I did get to a lot of it, but i am obviously in need of attending to the bookshelf & the stash... Perhaps that deserves another 2 WHOLE DAYS to myself!!

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