Teaching Spinning & Dyeing the Kindy Garden!

If you ever get the chance to do this I highly recommend it!! I have been having a great time (& I think the children enjoyed it too!).. WOW! what a talented bunch of Kindy's we have at Kindlehill - the classroom is awash with rainbows of colourful fiber creations they make each day!

Allow me tell you of our spinning & dyeing escapades. In class the children washed greasy wool, flick carded it, learnt to giraffe the fibers into long necks, & spun it on spindles whilst standing atop little wooden chairs (my goodness, how's that for coordination!!) Oh yes, did I mention they are 4&half to 6years old??
Next we splashed around with food-colouring onto our spun wool & viola' - here they are!

MissA & I had a great time playing around with them when they dried - here's a pic of me with Kindy-Colour Hair!!

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knittydoll said...

WoW! The dyed yarn looks amazing. I'm sure the kids had the best time :)


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