HOT ON THE BOBBIN: Bollywood Vibes!!

what can i say!! this skein resonates VIBE!! oh yah, i lurrve it!! I dyed it up & immediately knew where this was headed... lots of shimmery sari silk, sequence & metallics. I have dedicated it to a good fiber-friend of mine (you know who you are!!) for the beams of light you resonate on so many levels - thank you Anu *-*

BOLLYWOOD VIBES!! is even more vib'ee than in the pics.. a STuNNing colourway of canary, purple, indigo, cranberry & many shades in between. HOT turquoise, sunshine & majestic magenta sari silk hightlights throughout the skein, with additional hot-pink sequence bling & non-tarnishable gold & hotpink threads complete this not-so-little 60m/65yd beauty.

Twill be listed for sale tomorrow here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oooooooo...ahhhhhh..Anu loves this *hehe* All the best MichelleJi :-)


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