a Journey

into Sydney today.. we don't get to town very often (1&half hour drive with my cheeky twins is still proving rather testing!), so we thought a picnic at the Botanic Gardens at Sydney harbour would be a novel way to spend Fathers Day.. after all, the littlies would have plenty of opportunity to run wild & free in the gardens after the long car trip..

..& I confess, the journey to the gardens was partly because i just had to see the 'Reflections on Fabric' craft exhibition, rather conveniently being held at Palm House, a beautiful old greenhouse in the garden grounds.

I was warmly welcomed by fiber artist Liz Gemmell whom approached me as soon as I arrived, we spoke about our mutual love of felting & all things fiber! Her exquisite knitted garments "steeled silk" took my gaze, I just had to capture it here.. i am so touched to have met with such an inspiring & gifted women.

I was also inspired by the handmade baskets, made by local artist Jim Walliss, I bought one on behalf of the children for their dad! You can see the taller piece standing on a plinth in the background of this picture.. a vessel made from Bangalow Palm Leaf. It's earthiness is what initially caught my eye, the piece appears almost as if it had been found naturally in this form. In my minds eye I can see the artist gently manipulating it's surface, ever so slightly breathing life into the leaf a new form & functionality.

Walking around the gardens, sun shining, the air crisp from the rain-clouds hovering above, we saw the Flying Foxes hanging upside-down in the trees.. climbed the enormous Morton Bay Fig's.. witnessd the huge Ferrie's ride atop the choppy bay.. walked to the Opera House & back again.., if only the children hadn't been teething!!... but hey, the sun was shining!

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