EMPEROR"S NEW CLOTHES a Wooldancer Handspun Soysilk Yarn!

One strand of pure, smooth & luscious soysilk + one strand of crazy sari silk = the Emperor's New Clothes!

Yah, wow! i had a fun fun fun time with this one - I haven't spun up a skinny strand for a while now, so t'was refreshing indeed to spin up the smoothe easy soysilk.. & at the opposite extreme, an entire bobbin of sari fiber is fun too - lots of tugging & wrenching the fiber is a rather unusual practice, & a very welcome one at that!!

sorry for the lack of progress pics, was too enthralled within the process to even think of putting it down for a second to take photos *-*
Now in my etsy store!


YarnB said...

Very pretty. Once awhile ago, I thought it would be fun to have a shop of all vegan yarns!!! Hey that reminds me , should I use your new musical banner on our page or this one? I love both!!!!

esta sketch said...

Your yarn creations are always so pretty! I especially love the Emperor's New Clothes. It's times like this i wish i knew how to knit!


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