holidays & felting fun! PURGE

ok, i'm running out of Rescue Remedy quick (the realisation, @#*%@ I'VE GOT TWINS just hit me - again)...
it's holidays here, which means three under-5y.o's in my house 24/7, & the Mister of the house just began a new job - meaning he's not home till evening - & i was just getting so used to sharing the homely/parental roles too *_*

Soooo, of course this amounts to me cutting down all spinning, dyeing, bloging, surfing, NEEDS, even (sob) etsy updates.. Don't get me wrong, I believe the best place for young ones is at home, but, gee, it zaps my creative time down to a mere morsal of an evening when i am completely exhausted & wanting to sleep before 9pm. i guess that's life with toddler-teething-twins huh!! And no amount of people telling me "not to worry because that precious YOU time does eventually come back" - well, it's like, it's ok to say that when you're not "living it" (i know we all wear different size shoes).. BUT: how does one hold off from mid-stream creative impulses because the kids just threw sand into each others eyes, the pasta is boiling over on the stove & there are two sore, grizzly, untoilet-trained crazy people taking over my life! ok - breathe - that's enough of a window into my home-life, i'll stop there - [now you know why i limit my blogging about more personal goinson!]

suffice to say, things here at Wooldancer HQ are bridging all-consumptive mothering with the soothing peace of spinning/crafting episodes, & HOPEFULLY, the BALANCE will return (this is only the first week i keep reminding myself!) Ooohhh, how i LOVED it when he was Freelancing!

Cie la Vie..

BACK TO TOPIC - it's holidays here (or have i mentioned that??) & MissA has been used to a big dose of craft each day at school, so, when the munchkins are sleeping, we both sneak out to the studio to do Something fibery! (YAY you say, well, mostly the projects need quite a bit of guidance, but occasionsally i might be able to spin something quick!!)
"we" made this apple tree
- in progress pic

And since the revelation/diagnosis of my & twinnies' Gluten Intolerance, I have been exploring alternatives & become rather adept at substituting various flours: a pic of our GlutenFree / DairyFree 'Spring Harvest' Pizza (mmmm delish!)

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