Spring Equinox celebration

as you know the Equinox was officially a couple of weeks ago, & this post is (again!) belated!!

Spring being the time of strengthening light, of the earth-soul pulsing & reviving, warming from within & rising outwards. I wanted to share a few pix of the Kindlehill School Spring Celebration day held recently in honour of the warming of the Earth Mother - "Mother Earth's Flower Deaming".

The children gave a thrilling performance of spring song, dance & music, & the adult studio group brought to life some Australian flower poems, the Banksia being especially memorable (think modern eurythmy with an aussie comedic flavour - stubbies 'n thongs style!)
The whole school joined together to create a Giant fairy garden Mandala to Mother Earth, which they did with inventive artistry.. they built a bamboo floral fairy swing, a teepee from sticks & vines, fern spiral forest, a blossom mandala, and many other beautiful places for the Spring Faires to play! This Giant garden is a tribute to the grand imaginations of a collective group of children who worked seamlessly to produce a beautiful, cohesive living FairyLand.. seeing this marvellous creation brought revived sense of life, hope, strength, warmth and light to my inner life forces - such is the nature of Spring!!

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