all this whiz & diz about house my hunting/buying saga has called for quite a bit of spinning of an evening - in order to calm the crazyness in my brain. i'll admit it helps me to zone into my 'center'.. does any other spinnster find this happen?

For me the act of spinning is a calming process, the gentle rhythmical whirl seems to unwind my mind.. & I find it even more balancing when i ply - going the other way seems to unravel & add balance to the whole little story that sits there on the bobbin.. the undulations mirroring my so-called "inner" hurdles, the yarn thread acting out my "mental" script so to speak.

I find some yarns require a lot of pre-script preparation, where i consciously plot the placement for each colour, slub, noil, bead, fiber-type & where it belongs within the story-line of the thread. Other yarns seem to construct themselves at whim.. i have the basket with all my little fibery-treasures, add-ins (like sequence, fiber, fabric, ribbon, thread etc) & let randomness take over. The latter approach is a bit more challenging sometimes, when my mind is hectic. In order to spin a random yarn, I need to rid my mind of "control", & let the yarn create itself.. i do find it takes quite a bit of "letting go" of the need to control the outcome to make a good spontaneous yarn.. i seem to favour the more constructed approach of creating my yarns. i wonder what this says about my personality!!

gawd.. i think i better go spin.. i think i am better at it than writing about it!!
[pics tomorrow i think]*-"

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faun said...

i'm with you on this :)


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