**HOT YARN UPDATE is now happening.. begin time 10pm Sun 20th May.. keep checking in - I have loads to upload, & have only just begun, so i expect to be here until midnight!!

sheesh.. i am sitting here freezing my nipples off amidst a half packed studio outside my house, & i should really be tucking up infront of the log fire with my lover - whom i haven't really seen that much over the last few weeks of buying house/packing/work in the city/live in the mountains 2hrs away/-type mayhem.. but.. HEY! i PROMISED all my beautiful WOOLDANCIN' FIBER FRIENDS an update (slap on the ass for taking almost a whole month for getting it into the store) - so.. i hope you all like them!!

go look now (& again in half an hour when more will be there.. okay)

thank you lovelies for holding out for this - i know you'll be impressed!!
muah *-*


knittydoll said...

Yee!!! Very beautiful :)

michelle said...

yeeee! thank you.. chat soon.. pleeeaase!!


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