wow! the notice was up less than 24hours & we hit the centennial sale! The winner is now joyously wooldancing with this new Yarny Gift *-*

Thank you everyone who has been a part of my etsy life,
all my customers who keep me inspired,
my incredibly compassionate family who tolerates the dining room, bedroom & loungeroom, oh & kitchen & little backroom (ok, the entire house) being overtaken by my fiber-fluff & coloured by my dye buckets..
to the etsy community who I adore being a part of,
and to my many spinsis*stars who continuously inspire & enrich the globe with Handpsun goodness *-*

buy handmade!
keep on wooldancin!
loving you,
Michelle *-*

1 comment:

thespunmonkey said...

woo hoo! that's fabulous, darlin'! thanks to you, too, for being an amazing inspiration...mwah!


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