yipee, i'm in a Treasury!

the Loop-alicious Steph made this inspiring Art Yarn mosaic of lovelies - What's in a Name?.. a whole lotta SPIN! check it out via the link.. coZ i still don't know how to take a successful screen shot, blah!

-can anyone help with how to edit the two screen shots together so as to avoid all the top of frame stuff happening in the center of the image? this has me stumped ):

on the upside - I'm spun-out to be added into a Treasury I have actually caught in time for a peek before it dissappears into the ether! I think the Glee has me in the mood for a whirl *-*


Anonymous said...

Congrats Miz Wooldancer :-)
Belated Merry Christmas - all the best for 2008.

michelle la Wooldancer said...

thank you lovely lady! Sending the Blessings Right back at you *-*


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