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photos in Wooldancer Stash-party! Wooldancer Stash-party!

Well my customer gallery that has been waiting in the wings for a while is finally up & groovin right along over at flickr.

If you are a customer of Wooldancer or have been lucky recipient of our yarn or fiber, then please join me at the Wooldancer Stash-Party to flash your stash for all to see! It's a communal space just for you guys, and we are all as warm & welcoming as our fiber stash, so..

We would absolutely LOVE to see pictures of our yarn you have in your stash that is either still waiting for inspiration to strike, & especially if you have made something from our Handspun Art Yarn : pop a pic into our stash-pool and show off your creations.

If you have purchased some of our spunky Wilde Fiber Batts, handdyed locks or Eco-Samplers & have spun them up, or are displaying them in a vase on your kitchen bench to pat & fondle daily, then this is the place to rock them out..

And, if you have been inspired to make a supercoil 'Wooldancer Collier' from the pattern in Intertwined, well, you know we'd all lurve to see it (and you!) at the stash-party, okay!

So, dig out your Wooldancer booty & mosey on over with your fiber tools of choice & get into the groove!
I'm looking forward to seeing you there
spin-out & spin-on!

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