offline announcement

unfortuntely i am experiencing an internet service outage in my area, and am unable to access the internet. There is no indication as to how long this will occur..
i am however able to drive half an hour away to access the internet, so i will be checking the store twice a week, until my connection resumes.
Please be patient if you are corrensponding with me, especially regarding custom orders.
Thank you for your patience.

on the upside of my downtime, I will be using my extra-time to move into a new studio - woot!
I have been offered 2 rooms in a beautiful house with views to the mountains close by to my home, so, cross-fingers it will work out for me! I am really looking forward to moving out of my kitchen & giving the dining table back to the family.. and hopefully i will be more productive in my two whole days that i get to work on wooldancer.. the two days my twinnies are at family day care. It may even set me on track to making wooldancer more than a part-time venture.. we'll see *-*
my only quip wilth having a studio away from home is that i lose my creative time when my littlies are sleeping - i do most of my work at night, so working during my 2 days will be an exercise in time-management.. i am trying it out for a month or so to get a new rhythm established & if it works, i'll be having designated "studio days".. i'll keep you posted of the ins & outs when i get back online.

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