gifting + november in a nut shell

Allow me to introduce my latest original design: stretch yarn neckpieces for my recently upholstered wearable accessory label, SPUN originals

These are now in the shop, ready for your last-minute gifting spree. Made using elastic-spun yarn, these versatile neck-accessories are stylish, chic and totally one-of-a-kind.

At a bargain introductory priceof $45, they are hot neck attire for all seasons! There is a wool version & a vegan option to suit all next-to-skin-soft persuasions. Custom-spun to your desire, you can request the perfect colours for that perfect person in your life.

Thinking of a unique Christmas gift? Order before December 1st for international Christmas delivery.

:: playing catch-up now..
A few friends have asked what exactly have i been up to recently.. or under which rock have i strayed.. so, here is a rendition in a nutshell of what exactly i have been up to.. for it seems i fell into a vast black hole of motherdome & other things.. please excuse bullet points, there appears to be quite a bit of news to share!

- Took my wares to 2 markets since the Guild Open Day in mid-october.. There was a keen interest in SPUN designs & in my homemade handdyed cd spindles and workshops, which always puts a spring in my step.
[note to self: lock in dates for 2009 BMtns spin-circle to ensure it's a happening actuality]

- all 3 kids birthdays in the first week & a-half of November always puts me outta cyber-fiber-land action, and onto mini steam ride-on trains..

- making stuff for our school craft stall:
felt food (sandwich + pizza slices), dyeing felt & making animal decoration kits.

- spinning & knitting 2 pieces for a local Heart-inspired art exhibition for the Love Lawson Festival..
- Goldenheart, handspun yarn was my 2nd entry, as i simply HAD to submit some ART Yarn to the ART exhibition on principle.
-Heartstring, handspun & handknitted heart hung on a painted knitting needle was my official entry.. which would have been hung against a wall, lest wall-space was lacking. For this piece i was initially going to leave the tail un-fastened with a tag that says "PULL".. hmm.. get it? "pull my heartstring" .. well, dh didnt get it, so i left it off. i think the interactivity would have been drastically underplayed, but i did conjure many wild plans for a whole gallery solo show!

It was a personal achievement to see my Art Yarn on a plinth, I have to say it was quite a thrill for this yarn artist.. how does the song go? from little things big things grow..

- dyeing mohair + drying mohair.. still..with the inclement weather it's taken me 3weeks start to finish! have to say i dont mind having it around.. the rich earthy colours are somethin else!

- knitting some folktale fibers goodies into (1)a spring-garden birthday fairy crown

(2)freeform neck-piece with this awsome handspun acquisition

(3)skein-love table-piece on my sideboard (yes, not technically actually doing anything with the third yarn other than admire it!)
-made a market banner & decided it was too dark for markets, so relegated it to the studio.

- much wanting for free time in my life to be "just" a mother.

- trying to fit in some custom orders that are way overdue.. and dearly thanking my understanding customers who know they may have to wait.. & who also know the waiting is worth it :)

-i am excited to be welcoming the New Year at the Freeform Spinning Workshop..
heres a shout to Aussie spinsistah's!! The Guild workshops are sweetly priced, what better way to have the excuse to spin-play for 2 whole days, and have a weekend in the big city!
go forth & grab a space before it's too late.

hope see you there!

warmest fuzz xo

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