through the number 4 door..

when you were 1, you had just begun,
when you were 2 you were still quite new,
when you were 3, you could climb a tree,
now you are 4, so much bigger than before!
To Imi & Mazi ~
you entered the world together
my life blessed anew
one yin, one yang
he your sun, she your moon.

you seem to know
her comfort when she is blue
you like green, she likes pink
sing a complimentary tune.

you meet in the middle
where night meets day
imi & mazi
you bless my life with Angelic rays.
Happy Birthday!
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Shannon said...

Oh, happiest of birthdays to your sweet littles!

Wooldancer said...

thank you *-* a few weeks ago their behaviour shifted into a slightly more "awakened" realm, as if they knew they would be older soon. Actually sharing & negotiating, playing well & interacting co-operatively. It is a big shift from 3 to 4. I am in awe watching these two flowers blossom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Imi and Mazi, Number 4 is a magical number and age :-)


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