Beanie making bonanza

stopp press: i have just updated the shoppe with new Fluff Fibre Fantasy packs, handdyed locks sets. Plus i added a new handdyed yarn category + two new DIY custom listings: Card-It & Make-It. Go peepy, pronto. i don't want you to miss out on your Fluff Fantasies!
Lately i've been hooked on making uber functional pieces. When a new wearable design presents me with the ability to function as more than one thing, then i'm crazy about it.
Check out this newly spun neckband[headband]: Bandit.
Sleepless at 3am the other night i whipped this Bandit from some luscious studio-loo roving.. so excitement: i've been stalking our postie-van for 4 months ..(Canada Post loses ten points for sloooow postal service).
Bandit luxe headwear is a warmer, huggier version of my Choker design & made in the same style using Wooldancer Highly-Sprung line of handspun yarn (spun onto a heavy-duty elastic core). So soft & stretchy & snuzzly. I'll be popping more of these cute Bandit warmers into my shoppe & on etsy so you too can warm your neck &/or your forehead, whichever fits the chill.

The chilly temps of the school hols rapidly inspired frenzied Beanie-making.. i have been toting my crochet hook everywhere i go making beanies & headwarmers. i am inspired by the ease with which you can create 3d shapes organically with crochet. Hot off the hooks, I have invented two new beanie styles, & yes, they possess dual-functionality.

Allow me to introduce the Hipster Helmut.

This sensational helmut-style beanie comes with a built-in scarf. but don't stop there. this hip hat doubles as a pouch with carry handle.
Fedup with your kids losing their beanie? You need one of these.
Beanie/scarf one minute, flip it over your shoulder & it's swingin on your hip as a pouch.
instant carry dilema solved. phew.

The Hipster Helmut is SO perfectly practical. Don't want a scarf? Easy, simply wrap the scarf around the top of the hat to keep it out of the way.
You could seriously sort the whole family out with this hat & you will all be 'good to go'. & look spunky at the same time. boon.

Another eye-catching piece i have been enjoying is the Audrey visor. This beanie can be worn with the flap at the back to hug & warm your ears & neck.. OR flipped around as a visor cap. sa'weetness. i love that dual-wearability.

You can fit yourself up with one of these styles in the shoppe. Want to choose your own yarn? You can select from our indie spinstars handspun yarns in the shoppe & have me create your ultimate handspun, handmade beanie.. yes, your noggin will be crazy 'bout that! and thankful. Simply purchase the yarn + the make-it listing & we're good to get your hat on.

a little warmth goes a long way.
Thanks for reading & keep warm,
Michelle aka wooldancer/yarnmaker/hook-toting beaniemaker/xo

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