New Year, New Yarn, New Knits, New Tutorial

Happy New Year! 2010 is bound to be lived to the fullest around here.. especialy if 2009 was a pre-requisite! I'll spare you the details, suffice to say.. it's a new year, a new slate & i'm feeling inspired! promised.. New Yarn: yes! etsy listings are happening again!

New Knits: ditto the above.. warm snuggly wears are high on my must-make list. i can't get enough.. & my model is the cutest.. don't you think? i will be making many more designs in knit, crochet, woven, yarn constructed items for the shop this year.. it is exciting to see my yarn out there being worn in new & exciting ways.
..jumpin ahead a little here to announce important happenings in Art Yarn..
Firstly, I am teaching a 2day Art Yarn workshop at the NSW Weavers & Spinners Guild in Sydney next weekend, for which I am equally as honoured & excited about presenting. I have taught a similar course at the Summer School for the past 3 years & each time I teach there, i am inspired to do more & more's addictive! I LOVE seeing the multi-colour craZy & exciting art yarns that pile up on the tables at the end of two days of hard-core technique toolbox spinning!
Also, if you are around the traps of Lexi Boeger, author of Handspun Revolution & Intertwined and Art Yarn Revolutionary herself, you will know there is an invitation to all spinners around the globe to participate in a real-time YARN exhibition in Norway!
Here is a link to the flyer. Please spin a yarn. or two.
If you are in Australia, you can participate in the Aussie-Collective Lillehammer Yarn Package to help save on postage costs to the US. We are pooling all yarns here at the Wooldancer headquarters & then sending all together in one bulk package to help save on postage costs.
If you want in, please email me: wooldancer at gmail dot com. and make sure your yarn is in my hands by FEB 10th. thanks!

Thirdly, you may be aware the Sit & Spin spinstres, Jacey of Insubordiknit fame, is heading downunder & she is coming to the Blue Mountains for a Spin fest with you & me & us & well, you can tell i'm excited huh! The Accommodation is practically sold out, however there are still some spots left for the workshops. Book Now to confirm your place! 3days of bliss out spinny goodness to rock your socks off!

New tutorial: DIY Pinboard Loom for weaving Art Yarn into wearable fabric.
I thought-up this loom last night specifically for my new yarn Spinning Around the World yarn & thought i'd share a tutorial. This DIY loom is perfect for using every bulky crazy Art Yarn as a weft to display maximum texture.. it creates beautiful soft fabric with your crazy Art Yarns. Please make your way over to the flickr link for 1st part of the tutorial pix. The Weft pix coming in another blogpost tomorrow!

warm fuzzy wishes for a most inspiring new year!
michelle la wooldancer


Ginga Squid said...

Wow - very exciting and a v cute model! Looking forward to seeing what you are up to in 2010. Maybe I can get over from NZ for a workshop sometime.....fingers crossed. Love your work and find it very inspiring.
Vicky x

Anonymous said...

this pinboard isn't new ... and not Your idea ! It's existing many years ago in France !... you've certainly seen it somewhere on the web ...

Wooldancer said...

Thanks Vicky! Funny, I've had similar thoughts about visiting NZ.. you never know what the future holds! Wow, your work is stunning.. makes my felt rings sober in comparison haha!

Wooldancer said...

Glad to hear your thoughts on where this loom originated. Yes, I also acknowledge "ideas" are never new.. i had a flash of inspiration.

& no, i have not even thought to google this.. it came about during my creative play in my studio.. i spun the yarn & then, plugging my brain into the super-consciousness, the idea of using art yarn as a warp flashed & quite organically unfolded as to making this pinboard loom.

You didn't leave an email address.. i would have loved to talk more about your thoughts on the origins of this innovative loom idea.

Ginga Squid said...

It would be amazing if you could visit NZ sometime! Fingers crossed as I would love to meet you & attend one of your workshops.
I had to go and Google what a Poly spinning wheel is - wow some sort of prehistoric Majacraft, described as a 'weavers wheel'! Thats what I love about the spinning group I go to - everyone has a different wheel and some are just so weird - but all do the job!

wooldancer said...

Oh for sure, i love the quirky wheels the most! I'd love to hear more about your spinning group ;)


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