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new felt silver rings, originally uploaded by wooldancer.
I am playing catch up with my blog.. there are many snippets i'd like to share of 'life' over the past few months, during which access to a working computer has been limited to say the least!  I have uploaded a boatload of images on flickr if you would like a fast-track preview ;)

i'll do my best to work forward, & with past moments becoming fragmented memories, the timeline may not be accurate.. this venture began during autumn, a few months ago.

Forever intrigued with the ring as adornment of the highest order, i am revisiting making them. Without facility to make bands in silver, my efforts are on the funky focal. Nothing says " i love fibre" more than a fabulous felt ring!

-felt on silver plate rings available by request, and at Very Fashion, Katoomba.


viltariet said...

Love your ring, very special!
Love, Riet

Wooldancer said...

Thank you Riet ;) it receives a few fun comments when i wear it out & about!

Trudis Felt said...

Something different. I like that!
Enjoy your fun comments;)
Love Trudis


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