on the 8th day of Christmas...

What a festive week it has been at our house.
We (finally) managed to get our Advent Star Calender up, see pics,

and beautified the Tree too! MissA has been pompom & pipe-cleaner mad, making decorations of course. B1&B2 giggled as they stood to 'catch' mum atop the ladder, & whilst she gently placed stars on the tree, they caringly shook the ladder to & fro! - sooo cheeky!!

I wanted to keep the Advent message of 'the coming' simple this seaon, as missA is only 4, and is just grasping the passing of time.
For our Advent calendar this year, we both cut out shiny silver stars and put the date on each one, making Christmas Eve gold to stand out.
We pinned the stars to a blue background, (blue being the colour of christmas and the sky), and underneath them we placed our simple nativity scene - see pic.
Each night missA takes down the star for the day and hangs it on the Tree.
Of course, when there is only one star left she will clearly know who will be visiting that night!

To make sure all this happened, I managed to boycot all outings for two days in a row and had the best days in months!

I even began and completed this project in one day!

- Princess Canopy Flags

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