seeking time to knit? OR does a mother need sleep???

apparantly not! according to my twin blessings!!
i thought it was just a newborn phase, but now they're 1 I am beginning to wonder just how invincible my two cheeky monkeys think i can be... sleep-deprived and there's dust on my needle roll(which is still neatly bound atop my craft table - sigh)
true as can be, i am now thanking the Great Universal Beings who watch over me for finally allowing me to get through the night with a minimum of only 2 interruptions to my sleep, and a beginning to the day of 5.30am (i have never been a morning person) - not early according to the roaming nieghbourhood rooster!! (oh, my ability to string together sentences has also been hugely affected - please excuse the run-ons!)

But i mustn't go on & on, because my friend with triplets and 2 other young children, referred to as SuperMum, takes the cake every time i start to whinge about my constant lack of short-term memory & hazy headspace - due to no sleep for the last 365 days. Even my loving partner has taken to calling me space angel ( i am no longer breastfeeding so there goes that excuse)... (i promise after this there will be no more purging!!)

so where oh where does this mother buy some time to save her sanity, and craft her way back to some essence of the norm? mmmm, you guessed it, in the last hour before she falls asleep on the lounge comforted by the current knitting project... so you can tell i have so many things i want to make, yet so little time!!
I shall call my creative pursuits 'Fictional Knitting'... the kind my dreams are made of ^-^
And every now and then, when something actually get's finished, i will proudly show it off at moon-rise knits, so at least there will be some virtual proof that my soul life is occasionally nurtured.
So here is my first post of such an achievement (yay!):

My latest pursuit, 'Splash', was made for my daughter A's 4th birthday, for which we enjoyed a beautiful mermaid garden party - bliss!!

(note the obvious penchant for these colourways at the mome!)
and this little marvel was made in only 2 hours (with interruption of course!!).. a sweet shoulder pouch for a sweet little princess (when i work out how to post a free pattern it will be yours too!)

i also wish to send HUGE thanks to my amazing sis for helping me become web savvy.. you are a star (strobing at that)!

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melissa said...

the mermaid doll is lovely .. such a nice blend of colours.
oh and welcome to the ring


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