ooooo what a checky blogster i am, so slack, and i deserve a tap on the back of the hand for not contributing as often as required by the cyber overseers out there.. all i can say is it's been holidays, only now i'm still getting used to being the only adult in the house for the majority of the day... oh it was so nice having my man around 24/7 - he gives me space to myself from the kids (not that i am complaining any, they really are soo adorable most of the time).
...... But with the new year and all comes the necessary inner realignment with life and the revising of dreams to achieve, journeys to be had and so on - so, here's hoping for a HUGE shift in my head about how wonderful it is to be consistently giving to others as only a mother with some littlies can be...
i only know the one vision i have managed to keep concrete for this year is to take time for sanity (a little exercise & meditation ought to grace my daily round, as well as at least the major part of one day per week to indulge in things crafty (hooray!) - Yes, just as important as religion i Believe.

I am pushing my yearning to spin up hill, but i just may have got the spindle happening - even if just a little - last night.. will post pics when i feel brave enough!

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