Sari yarn bag is on hold while I turn my focus to making missA's requested Rainbow bag for Kindy... ohmygosh... she starts next week!!! can't believe my baby is going to school! we're sooo looking forward to Kindlehill, such a sweet little community school near the lake that works from steiner's indications... so beautilful, i wish i was going to school again, I know that a steiner education would have been transforming for me! But, i am learning through my children how inate the spirit is within us, and how rhythm & song in daily life are so healing & uplifting at the same time.
As the colourful muslin cloths on the line dance in the breeze, i am again reminded how synchronous life is, the ebb and flow sometimes hard to yield to, tho the tangles eventually unravel, so powerful is the message.

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