i'm in a bit of a spin!

figuratively and literally speaking!! well, i have to announce that i have been breathless with my long-term desire to learn to spin... and with a few false-starts, which turned out that I just had the "wrong" wheel for a beginner, i soon realised that if i am to make any progress along this road, that i better get some lessons - there's a story to that too, but i'll spare you the specs, just enough to say that one must gel well with one's muse. anyhow, i have found an amazingly talented lady with a sheep farm, and she has Magic within her... she actually had me spinning as soon as i sat infront of my lovely Ashford Traveller, no hiccups, nor bumps, or hills to climb (well maybe tiny ones)... so my spinning journey has finally begun and i'm soooooo excited!!! the hard part is walking past my wheel every day, not being able to get her down from her plinth to do some quiet spinning, and having to be satisfied to drool at her instead whilst i whirl around doing motherly things. Come night-time however, it's full-speed ahead.... Bring on the evenings i say!!!

I also have to confess i am in another kind of spin - my digital camera (aka Nikon Coolpix) has burst its bubble and is ):'ly broken.... OH NO! i just can't bear not showing you my spinning attempts /accomplishments.. sob sob... hopefully my lovley man will grace me with a stand-in soon! HUGE apoligies to you i promise you won't have to wait too long!!

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