like bouncing on a cloud..!

yay.. Hairy Jewel arrived as the softest pillow-present (as described by missA padding the envelope between her hands)....
I have been waiting for this moment, the postie had me in suspense all weekend - until finally on monday she was revealled!

opening it up was like, well, like bouncing on a cloud!! She is sooooo soft, her pastel rainbow colourway is dreamy, & her silk flecks certainly raise her to the jewel-treasure that she is.... check her out here

thanks Rita!

i had a camera for a brief moment, but alas now that too is no longer in my hands, BUT maybe more pics on the weekend - stay tuned for some crafty updates!


knittydoll said...

Adore the Hairy Jewel- the colourway reminds me of sorbet and gelato flavours- yummy strawberry and lemon- yummy wool! And I do love the bit of sparkle through it too!
What are you planning to use it for?

michelle said...

mmmmm... adorning my craft table in a vase at the mome, so i can run my fingers over it - but in due time it will become a hat i do believe!


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