fun with tufts & dye: Lesson 3

so this week we had a rather spontaneous exercise in adding mohair tufts - what better way to certify the capitol K in the word Keen! ... also very adventurous for some whom have only been spinning for 2 weeks!! but we have yarn-lust and must take any chance we have at heading for the horizon, so, WOW - did we have some fun!!!

{as you can see this yarn quickly became a knitted belt!}

this of course spurred on some 'off the cuff' adventures during the week, with some stuff i had lying around - i spun up some red fleece i had saved for felting (nothing like changing one's mind for creative exploration is there?) and found i had to do a lot of pre-drafting as the fleece was already a little felted!! THEN... just to be a little more daring... i added some strips of white acrylic lashes... can't wait to show you this one - she's wild!!

also decided to have a go at plying with cotton - and made up a lovely kind'a fulled Marine colour skein..

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fitknit said...

All I could think of as I was reading your post was that anything lying around was goin' get a'spun!!!

Sounds like you are having a great time with it.


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