i've been spinning (no surprise, this girl is seriously hooked!) and dyeing, and it's all going on here..quite a productive few weeks thank you ^-^ i've been spinnin one skein per evening in fact (yesseree that's my lifelong aim: 1 skein each & evry night of my life no excuses!) - not bad for one seriously spun-out addiction to have!!!

it's been a long time in the blogging i know... but pleny of excuses here.. check it out yah!

latest experiments:
sari bag coming along quite steadily;
spinning up tussah silk (oh my how fluffy); (see YARN PICS)

adding in a few knopps to some merino(WO!);

practising plying with cotton/merino;

& now on the bobbin is yet more fleece previously reserved for felting teamed with sari silk throwsters waste fibre (yeah!);

and just about to pearl & sequence up some roving for a wedding gift...

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