introducing Twin Yarn Coordinates... & a welcome to BEGINNER HANDSPUN KNITTERS!

I had this idea a while ago, to start a new "twin" range, inspired by my little twin munchkins of course!

The TWIN YARN COORDINATES range is a handspun & a millspun skein handpainted together (as most twins are) in coordinating colours. The millspun is 100gr of 8ply or 12ply, with the handspun being a single of similar ply, & about half the weight (or more).

Aside from creating an opportunity for varied texture in one's knitting, I also thought it would be a nice way for knitters who haven't had any or little experience with handspun yarn to dive in there & give it a go, along with a similar ply millspun yarn for an easy transition into the handspun revolution.

I guess one of the most often remarked questions i get is just what can you make with HandSpun Yarn???? (I know what you're thinking, LIKE, EVERYTHING!!!), but that might be a revelation to some knitters who are cautious as to always use the recommended yarn specified in the pattern.

It's great to follow patterns exactly, 'cos you know what you are going to get, & that sure is comfy for a lot of us... AND... having the courage to "substitute yarn" can also pose a rather large leap of faith away from the comfort zone, of pre-determined pattern specs, & that you're swatching it up "ok".

But you know, the road less travelled is a big leap - we've all been there, the first step is full of adrenalin - HAPPILY tho, I can assure you, that 'substituting yarn' is a breeze - once you know a few steps to follow - the path becomes clear, & the hill a little less steep toward your handspun debut.

I revisited my experience with this last winter knitting season, when I taught a 6week Knitting Workshop locally here in the Mountains. It became clear that even those of us who have been knitting forever & even spinning, still have problems knitting with handspun to a pattern not "intended" for such yarn.

I won't give you a tutorial on this now ( more on that one later), but i just wanted to share my inspiration for BEGINNER HANDSPUN KNITTERS - take the leap, you'll be happily surprised how easy it is, & most importantly:
how amazingly more individual your garments become with the unique qualities that HandSpun provide. *-* Happy knitting
*don't forget you can pick up my handpsun here and the Twin Yarn Coordinates here

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