FREE Wool Dancer hand-dyed bag promotion

oh yes, i am so hooked on dyeing that i have taken to cotton calico bags... all for FREE with purchases in MAY (actually, until they run out!!)

I have used a shibori fabric dye technique that i learnt whilst at art school, so they are all a little different, here's a peek:

I'm just in LOVE with t-shirt transfers at the moment!!

My grandmother was a fashion designer for SAVVY & had an expert technique of immaculate perfection for any fiber-related project she touched! I remember her once telling me that wool should be kept out of plastic as it sweats. Looking up wool storage on the net I learnt that wool is best stored in calico as it allows air to circulate through the fibers, & it keeps moths & insects at bay as there are no dark corners for them to hide!

So here we go: a FAB Carry & Yarn Storage bag all in one! TOO COOL!!

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