knitting confessions

ummm ... this is what happens to your knitting projects when you take up spinning!!
yes, that's right... the UFO's just don't get finished... & how many do I have now???? oooooooh scary!

here is the sorry state of Sari yarn bag (i am almost ashamed to confess when i began this, just suffice to say before i started blogging!)ooops.. (tap on the back of my hand for that!)

& a peek at the winter handspun poncho I have now turned my attention to:

Hopefully missA will be able to wear it next week!! ambitious i know, but if one could sit quietly for 2-3 hours, then it would be done in one sitting (alas for me this is next to impossible, unless after the wee hours of midnight - which just isn't going to happen for this sleep-deprived mama)...

I am knitting this on my semi-handcrafted wooden 9mm's with my WoolDancer HandSpun aptly named by little missA "unshine Flower-Fairies", who just had to have it the moment it came off the bobbin!! - note the shimmery sequins on the close-up - sooo sweet, & easier than I assumed to knit with too!!

& I just had to share with you that I have been Loving HAND-WINDING my skeins into Center-pull balls - I call them: Yarn Candle's!
yes, it is sooooo much more satisfying than using a ball winder, & perfect for handspun.... when i find the link, i'll share the instructions on how to do it!

GOTTA GO LIST up some NEW HandSpun for WoolDancer....YAY!!

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