new toys....

wow... I feel like I have so much to share, & as I post rather infrequently, I might just put it all out on the table so to speak.. here & now!

I must begin with this amazing piece I just only this last instant won for my amazing sis, on which she can begin learning the amazing art of spinning - introducing (drum roll please) one 'Miss Jenny':

WOW, can't wait for that to arrive - & NO I am not an Indian-giver, just a sort-of Road-Tester shall I say *hehehe*

While we are on the all essential toys for spinnsters & spinners alike - I must mention this little beauty still to be delivered - one Mr Inwood Smith Drum Carder, (yes itchin' for some blending action!)

Also, this rather versatile & TOTALLY essential tool for us internet-types - one 'Flash-magic': donated by the sale of our beloved & very special blue-car (sorely missed yet fondly remembered family ute)
[insert pic of FUJI Finepix S5600...drool...pic soon!]

Well, what is a fiber-addict if she can't buy herself some new stash, hey??!?? - intruducing my drop-jaw fav yarn from here - 'Sundaes': (yes it's merino/tencel blend with bonus gifts too) Thank You so much Michelle *-* ...this pressie arrived on my departed baby's Birthday/Winter Solstice, & I just felt like being pampered a little - it lit up my day *-* ... thank you!

And, just because you haven't yet seen it - one 'Speedy second-hand Skeiner':
oh my gosh - finally a pic I hear you say!!!

well there it all is, & here it all isn't, as yet - but very excited & waiting in anticipation for the delivery/s!!!


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