DIZZY SATELLITES a Wooldancer Handspun & HandPainted Fusion super coil Art Yarn

it's been lying around a while, the turqoise fleece I mean, just waiting for inspiration to channel down & greet me.
..I was thinking of my baby sister about to embark on a journey to live & study in the UK (the other side of the world to us here), & it seemed so far away.
Taking to the sky in a plane for 2 days is way off the possibility list for my family of 2 adults, 2 toddler twins & a 5 year old..
With the recent stuff on the news about space station visitors, & the reality of the internet bringing the whole world into our loungerooms is certainly helping the "missing you" factor, and webcam & MMS technology making the communications even more real, I guess I am slowly coming around to the fact that indeed, I am going to be able to "accompany" her on her journeys too, in a Virtual kinda way.. woohoo!! (is there such a thing as a virtual babysitter who plays in the sandpit??)

ok, so DIZZY SATELLITES came about from my thoughts about spacy things, & super coily textured things that may possibly exist out there somewhere in space, & our current need for & reliance upon satellite technology to fuse the globe together in a "local - here & now community" kind of way.

So little SIS, this one's dedicated to you & your global Journeys - In fact it already feels like the physical distance hasn't changed a thing!

- the innocent single about to be super coiled!!
- all coiled up & ready for take-off!!

SPINNERS click here for a fab tutorial on coiled yarn!


pippi said...

that is beautiful!!

michelle said...

ohh thanks pipi! ditto yr coil extavaganzas *-"


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