bush fires in the blue mountains

there are huge 6800ha fires raging in the upper blue mountains at the moment.. they have been burning the bushland & native habitat for 9 days now, & with severe westerly winds forecast over the next few days the RFS predict there will be no respite.

I am sending prayers to the wildlife who are the victims of this fire - no human homes have been lost as yet, fingers crossed. I am looking into becoming a wires helper in case they need extra nursing hands.

Living halfway up the mountain & opposite bushland we are having the winds blow the smoke over our home, & the scorching heat makes for total indoor living - interesting with all kids at home unwell! WE are not in the midst of the fire by any means, so we are pretty safe right now. If the winds change & it runs down the mountain then i'll be putting a few essentials in the car, like my spindle, fleece, lego blocks & the pc, in case we hear the call to evacuate.

otherwise, i am sitting tight, & waiting on my yarns to dry in the safety of the cool laundry, which is slowing the process somewhat, but hey, much better than smoke-laden bundles of yarn i say!

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