over night the bushfires grew to 14500ha & have jumped east. The winds have blown the smoke across & down the mountain, over our home, & the air now is so thick. I have all the windows closed & the fans on (oh how i wish for airconditioning right now, despite my belief they are one major contribution to the overuse of fossil fuels). That being said I have skeins still drying, & every bit of fiber is locked tight in plastic tubs. We have be breathing this smoky air now for a few days, but today it's really quite intense.. there's no reprieve - i am thinking of taking the kids to the horrible mall just for a breather!!

anyhow, i wanted to share some pics of a very productive Indigo Dye session held by the Guild. I forgot to take my camera, but Yvonne kindly sent over some pics..

there really is nothing like spending the entire day child-free & dyeing with some fellow fiber enthusiasts! We had the line chock full a few times round of beautiful blue-dyed shibori cloth, & the sun was shining so it all dried perfectly by the day's end.
I managed to do fill my Arashi shibori pole with half a dozen calico bags, a mohair scarf & a silk scarf. I stitched a name banner for my son which we all agreed unanimously that the gum leaf was in fact a fish blowing bubbles - it is the transformative magical quality of the dyepot that i love so dearly, that the story of the dyebath imbibes it's own memory into the cloth.
I also shibori dyed 500grams of fleece, some bamboo fiber, two cushion covers & my work apron also made its way into the blue!!
Everyone made such unique items, some with a lot of success, particularly with the clamping method. Hopefully I can get some more pics to post of them. I took a lot of supplies, but still ran out of fiber.. many ideas develop as the day goes by, so I'll definately take more than I think i'll need next time!!
It was a beautiful blue day!!

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knittydoll said...

Hey! Indigo dye day looks like it was a joy- so glad you could go!
Can't wait to see piccies of some of your creative labour!


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