a note to my customers

I hereby declare with utmost assurance I will not allow any single morsel of yarn nor fiber out of my house, unless sealed in a plastic mailer bag addressed to the new owner, until all smoke has dissappeared from the mountains. ash included. Please know I am sending prayers to the Rain Godddess to befall us usunder a huge, tho not ridculously intense, rain storm to avert all mountainous bushfires.

A brief update on the Blue Mountains bushfire situation:

there was a spot fire 6.5km's from our home yesterday, which thankfully was extinguished fairly promptly by air crew. Another spot fire a little further away is still being fought.
Still my most immediate job is keeping the kids happy indoors & drying my yarns out of the smoky air. The interior of our home is full of colourful fleece & yarn & makes for beautiful wall art! Who needs pictures on the picture rail when you can have fiber instead!!
[insert pic here when necessery batteries have charged]

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