a new yarn store in town!! (cybertown that is!!)

ok.. the latest low down: there's a new yarn store in town, full of rich colourful yarn, with great fiber choice, beautiful handcrafted spindles & knitting needles, AND soon they will carry Wooldancer Handpainted Yarn too!! how's that for some smooth shameless promotion!!

Anyhow, for some fabulous eye candy & yummmy wintery christmassy yarny-type treats for all your knitting family (cos you have by now taught all your family & extended friends how to knit haven't you??) Check it out 'One Planet Yarn and Fiber' at:

'One Planet' are giving you guys a GREAT OFFER for this month. Here's a little note from the proprietor:

"All new knitters/crocheters/spinners, etc who register within the month of November are receiving a special coupon offer for a number of items on the site. Just visit the site and put your name and email address on the mailing list! Your information will never be shared or sold!! EVER!

Please at least come and at least see all the interesting things we have! Hand dyed soft soft lace and fingering weight handpainted sock yarns from Uruguay (Lanas Puras yarns), luxury cashmere yarn from China, Yarn Botanika yarns, Sheep Shop Yarn Co yarn and Patterns, Soak Wool products, hand crafted knitting needles, needle rolls and containers, spindles and spinning fiber.

See the Yarn Botanika Traveler Spindle Kits and Woolyvines Stone Whorl Spindles seen in the December Issue of Spin Off Magazine. Make sure to check out the "Indie" yarn section where yarns from favorite indie yarn makers around the world are represented!!"

....SO, what are you waiting for... go check it out... Wooldancer will be in the INDIE section - SOOOOON - i promise *-"

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