carded batts, OTN, & Ode to Hypericum

my first urge to knit this summer happened the moment i cranked the handle of one Mr Smith not long ago..

in fact it would have been during a blissful snippet of beloved time to moi-self (as does not happen very often in my home..the twins are usually pulling my skirt from different directions, the kitchen, & kindy-child another..) and i actually managed to grasp an hour one afternoon a few weeks back with Mr Smith. (sigh)

He is a saintly soul.. quitely observing from his corner on the plinth in the lounge, keeping my creative mind alive with enduring possibility that he & i may, just may, have some time together when the angels & planets are aligned in our favour, & we can enjoy a quiet moment. & when we do, something quite special happens, almost of the Divine meaning i would say.. tho, i think most people when imbued within that creative 'space' would KNOW what i mean when i say something Special happens when tools & materials, hand & heart merge & you enter the SPACE.

Well, lets just say for now, we were together, my drum carder 'Mr Smith' & I, on a not-so-hot summer afternoon not long ago, & some super Special batts began rolling off his drums.
This was the first.. and there were so many more to follow, but this was the ONE that said, Michelle - fancy a knit?

Being a spinner, with a little etsy yarn store, i am adept at letting my colourful fibery inspirations come & go.. but this one was just beggin me to knit it! But not then & there, nor right off the bobbin, NO!

As ususal, LIFE takes hold, & my projects stay submerged under the surface, bobbing up every now & then to remind me of their Becoming & how I indeed must play a part in their transformations into the next Form..

I have all kinds of UFO's for different moods & kinds of weather & such in my stash.. for which i am grateful. But this one feels a little like happening NOW. The afternoon this batt prised its way into my hands, my daughter appeared in spots.

Needless to say, we have heaps of mosquitoes in the mountains, but these spots looked different.. blistery.. & erupting like little stars in the night sky - & pretty soon she looked like a map of the Heavens!
Check my trusty book, Child Health, bible of all to be known about child health from an anthroposophical (Rudolf Steiner like) point of view.. YUP - she has the Chicken Pox!

ok, oatmeal baths soon became the normal thrice daily round, with regualr applications of pure Hypericum Essential Oil to numb the itch. If there ever was a bearable way to deal with the crazyness of itching in the middle of hot, humid summer days, Hypericum takes the cake!

Oh, humble Hypericum.. tis a plant of immense delight - for my daughter did not complain at all as long as she was covered head to toe, & after two weeks, she became returned to a spotless normal sight! (gawd, can't you tell i am delierious!!)

so, of course it swept like fire through our home, ravaging the little twins, & my partner too!! YES.. it is a drugery to get it as an adult, my advise would be to all mama's out there, do as my Naturopath recommended to me, take vitaminC for a week, & set them up for getting the Chicken Pox.. you DEFINATELY don't want your lovley children to be getting it as an adult.. we even had the ambulance/hospital visit for fear of pneumonia.. thank the Universe he doesn't have it but there are bad consequences as an adult as a result of having the Chicken Pox virus that children don't seen to get.

my littlies were still on the whingy side of life, but were at least up & getting on with life's daily play as well as to be expected.. on the other hand, my partner has been very unwell, bed-ridden, & flu-like for over a week.

Needless to say, I have been nursing my entire family with this nasty Pox virus since New Years Day (earlier actually if you count the telling whingy/whiny week before the spots appear..

nevertheless.. i am telling you a story about this beautiful batt!

My art work has always refelected a certain moment in time, a time-capsule if you like, usually reflecting thoughts, current issues I am thinking about,, environmental, political, spiritual etc. I guess one would say they form a memory of that time, much like a photo captures certain moments that will live on forever in the image.

I think this yarn is for me a reflection of what i have been experiencing with my family, an Ebb & Flow, of health & illness in this case. Hence the Name. I chose to spin it so it stripes to the center & back out again, flowing in & flowing out.. like those butterfly paintings children make, by folding the paper in half, dabbing some paint in the center & squishing it together. What emerges is this beautiful mirror image of a butterfly, each wing is in reverse to the other.

Like this yarn.

so, it is now OnTheNeedles.. i stayed up really late last night to begin it.. it will be a circular piece, hat or vessel - not sure yet (possibly both!).

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