Flawful Batt Spinning Fiber Swap

i sent off my batt for this swap yesterday... i can't help but want to spin all the batts that roll of Mr Smith - he has got some serious power over me.. like he pulls at my spinning tide or something!

"All Washed Up" is a Wooldancer FunkiFiber Theme Batt, comprising of 3 pieces:
a Big Batt, smaller Embellishment Batt & Treasure Accessories.

-The Big 2.5oz Batt consists of a variety of handdyed Aust merino locks; ingeo & icicle; english lester locks; sari silk threads; superwash tops; hemp noils & cotton fluff.

-The .5oz Embellishment batt is a mix of ingeo, superwash tops, cotton fluff & handdyed soysilk.

-Treasure Accessories are x2 recycled fluff felted beads; wooden bead tendril; metallic thread with seashells; painted wooden beads, & black "seaweed" ribbon.

i think i am just going to have to make one for myself!! (sigh)

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