new listings!!

I announced late last night in my 1st newsletter that I have resumed etsy listings for this year.. & within 2 hours of listing I had sold 4 of the 5 yarns!! O.M.G I quite breathless really.. and am thrilled & sure that the yarn Goddess who beholds them shall work some incredible magic, i am certain! I absolutely LOVE molly's work.. she one of the most talented fiber artists i have seen - go check her out!!

so, do you want to see the yarns??

L-R: Woodland Nymph (bamboo 2ply); Saucy Beesting Truffle (merino, tencel coil extravaganza); Seafoam Rush (bamboo 2ply with ingeo coils); and Sangria Tango (merino sarisilk soopercoil art yarn).
-apologies.. my collages always come out a little grainy in blogspot.. see better pics here in flickr.

So, that leaves this little number, Outback Rustic, left in store still awaiting a new pair of needles to transform it into a beautiful scarf.. i have had fanatasies of making one for my man with this.. it is so gorgeous! You can see it here:

I am happy to say I love this skein.. i don't usually spin homogenous 2plys much, but this one just begged to be plied with itself.. once i overdyed it it really came to life (i had an aversion to the roving, so this was a great lesson that no fiber can come out badly, & the alchemical transformations in the dyepot never cease to amaZe me!!)

keep watching the etsy store now for regular new updates won't you *-*
Yarn hugs, Michelle


HollyEQQ said...

Well no wonder!! They are beautiful yarns - lucky buyers.

knittydoll said...

It's so nice to see what you have been working on and congrat's for a stellar return to! I'm sure the sock yarns are going 'out the door' too!!!


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