NEW Wooldancer Sock Yarn & Mystery prize!

NOW EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE online at One Planet Yarn and Fiber

I just know these superwash yarns are going to Rock your Socks!!
10 Brilliant Colourways, Pure Australian super-soft wool, & it's machine washable!!

Here's a peek for you.. then tickle your toes & go buy some here!

L-R: Sublime Marina; Hydro Mud Wrap; Pomegranite Eyes; Sting of the Thai Orchid; He wore sandles on the Sand; Jellybean party; Exotic Syrup Whip; Sweet Enchantment; Splash..

...and a Mystery Colourway beckons you... GO see if you can find it! The first 5 people to 'Join up' for the newsletter (see box in the margin) & Comment below with the title of the Mystery Colourway get a 25% Discount from the Wooldancer Etsy Store!


Taphophile said...

Wow, you mean I can drool and it won't felt! *drool* They are all gorgeous.

Naomi said...

Hydro Mud Wrap?
So this is what you've been up to!! (among 10 million other things!)

michelle said...

naomi.. it's not one of the colours mentioned - you'll find it rather 'inviting' there at OnePlanet (wink).. pop your details there on the newsletter & i'll notify you of the Discount details, ok! (busy with this & a squillion other things - YES!!)

Naomi said...

duh...sorry. not paying attention! I Invite You to Afternoon Tea! I'd invite you for real cept it would cost a fortune for the plane ticket.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO I think I made it here in time :-)
"I Invite You to Afternoon Tea"
They're all gorgeous Michelle!

michelle said...

Hurrah!! you certainly did Mandie.. in order to send you the details a la confidentiale'.. pop your details in the "Join Me Up" Newsletter box in the side margin, that way it's all safe n sound, ok? i'll be able to email you with all the specs then *-*

ambermoggie said...

I invite you to afternoon tea?
amber in scotland

Taueret said...

I invite you to afternoon tea?
am I too late?

michelle said...

you're in Taueret *-* only 1 left now - yipee, i wonder who it will be!

Sarah said...

for the life of me I cant find the link for the join me button

michelle said...

Hi Sarah! you won't find it if you are looking specifically at this post.. for some reason blogger cuts some of the content when looking at single posts.. try typing in the site url: wooldancer.blogspot.com, & in the right margin you should see the profile, the etsy pics, then the 'Newsletter Join Me Up' button.. hope that helps! *-*


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