just a little excitement!!

I mentioned in my last newsletter there are some exciting new things brewing in my wooly wooldancer world, and i thought i'd just take a quick moment to ramble a little about what's happening.

It all started with a road trip up to the northern beaches of NSW last weekend..and can you believe i forgot to take my camera! The white sand & turquoise beaches were enough to revive my exhausted driving eyes. We arrived at out first destination near Bellingen at 3am Sat morning after 6.5 hours on the road. The timber sanctuary that was to be out resting place for two nights came to Be, rather serendipitously, via a dear friend who happened to be away for the weekend. This home is so enshrined in Beauty, seashell sculptures, handcarved wood furniture. I felt like i needed to make every action with a prayer, this was a soulful residence, a place of stillness & Beauty like no other. Hearing the ocean gently sighing whilst drifting off to sleep has to be the Best way to enter ones dreamlife. mmm! Blissful!!

After freshly grinding my coffee beans & sipping two espresso's we were back on the road for a 10hour return journey, to the destination that saw me pack the car full of spinning supplies!! YEE!! Can you tell i am having the BEST weekend i have had in a long time!! (and i have to confess being without little munchkins in tow was so enjoyable too!!) Byron Bay for a sushi train lunch & a gluten-free sweet treat to drool over, a quick stop by at an internet cafe to pick up my forgotten list, and back on the road. The rolling hills abound with banana plantations reminicient of vietnamese rice terraces.. i'd say it's God's country if there is such a place!! Home again by 9pm for fresh seafood & sleeeeeep! We awoke to a mother grey kangaroo & her joey bounding past the verandah not more than 4 meters from where we were having coffee! It was Breaky at the beach with a beautiful soul-mate from the area, swimming in the ocean rockpools, watching her children exploring the sandstone rockcaves that line the beach, & then back on the road homeward-bound. A beautiful way to spend 3 days driving with my gorgeous partner *-* !!

So by now I guess you are nearly breathless to find out what i got, huh!! we'll pics will have to wait until next post, but i'll give you a sneek idea: an ashford country spinner finished with a deep oak stain, practically brand new! A wool picker, again like new! lots of designer yarn (woo!), 2dozen pots of dye and lots of other nifty spinnable treasures. Oh My. Am I a happy little spinnster then?? You Bet!! And i'll let you all know what fun I shall get up to with these really soon!! I have some beautiful kits in mind and lots of other wonderful things to come.. keep a look out in my store for new stock soon!

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