International Women's Day - Thurs March 8th 2007

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In honour of tomorrow being International Womens Day, I have spun this yarn in the colours of purple & gold, purple being the representative colour of the Suffragettes and the advancement of women, and Gold, a newly introduced IWD colour representing the new dawn of the second wave of feminism.

Many celebrations are held around the world on this day to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. This year's international theme is
Valuing Difference, Leading Change.

How are you going to spend International Womens Day?
Here is a suggestion:
Get together with some women-folk friends, even if it is for coffee & a chat, take your knitting & knit a linked-circles scarf in any or all of the IWG colours: green, white, purple & gold!

a brief interlude: Here is some info about the symbolism of colour as it relates to feminism, in particular the symbolic colours of International Womens Day:
- white for purity in public as well as private life
- purple for justice, dignity, self-reverence and self-respect (& representing the women's vote)
- green for hope and new life
- gold representing 'a new dawn', the second wave of feminism.
(scroll thru the link to find out about pink, purple & progress!)

If you would like to search for tomorrow's IWD events in your country, visit the International Womens Day site.

I took a quick search though the 11 pages of events throughout Australia, & there are loads of events in Qld, Vic & a few in NSW, here are just a few:

* In Sydney, the Town Hall to Hyde park March against the war on women [that is taking place in our homes, in the work place and in the world] will be on from 12pm-5pm.

* If you live in Woolongong, go check out the musical talents of Amy Lee & Kath McMillan + free BBQ at McKinnon Lawn, University of Wollongong, hosted by UOW Amnesty International Society: Campus group supporting and promoting Amnesty International Australia.

* Personally I'll be at free breaky at Springwood neighbourhood Centre, if I can get my littlies into the car on time that is! Followed by a visit to Bremar Gallery to view 'Celebrating Women's Resilience' Art Exhibition.

I am a little inclined to take the 1.5hour road trip out to Bathurst to see Eve Ensler's award winning play, The Vagina Monologues, but somehow I feel my 2.4year olds might get a little too figety by 8pm for me to sit still & enjoy myself! ...Babysitting anyone??
IF you live in the area & would like to attend, it is being performed by the Bathurst Theatre Company, on 8/9 March from 8-10pm. All proceeds to local services to help end violence against women and girls. For tickets and information call 6333 6161.

* If you are in Melbourne, pop over to the 'Note to Herself Exhibition Closing Party', 11.00am - 17:30pm at the Note to Herself Gallery at QV. 'Note to Herself' is an anonymous art exhibition with postcard contributions from women all over Australia. Venue: Note to Herself Gallery at QV, 18-22 Artemis Lane, Melbourne

Visit for further information & to find events in your area.

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