FunkiFiber Batts & Bamboo

I have just popped a few pictures of my FunkiFiber(TM) Batts up on flickr. I have had these pics lying around here on my desktop for a while, & though it was high time to share them with you!! hoarding batt pics after-all is no fun at all!!

I keep intending to list them on etsy, but my spinning-self is very kindered about her batts & won't let them go!!
So if you were wondering why they haven't yet appeared in store, it is because they are adorning every fixture in my loungeroom waiting for my wheel to whirl them into the next creation - nothing like a little FunkiFiber inspired decoration i say!!

Anyway, with all the fleece prep i have been doing, soon there will be some FunkiFiber overflow into the store.. stay tuned!

I just wanted to share this pic with you.. the latest dyepot-dance with bamboo.. Exquisite!! As you probably already know, I am having an affair with this fiber!!

Let me point out just a few of the marvellous qualities of BAMBOO fiber:

- softness & drape. This has really got to be my favourite aspect of this fiber. It knits up beautifully, & with the following properties, it ought should be the very BEST fabric on earth for garments..

- bamboo fiber is lightweight yet warm & insulating, with moisture wicking properties;

- anti microbial, no perspiration marks!!;

- ecological & sustainable fiber, bamboo is the fastest growing woody crop that needs no chemicals to grow & can be harvested every 3 years!;

- easy to care for, can be either handwashed or washed on gentle cycle, & some garments can be tumble dried on low setting, & may even be pressed with a cool iron! (however I wouldn't recommend that for hand knit garments);

- dyes beautifully with cellulose dyes, & spinning is a dream!;

- vegan & veggie friendly - woo!

These bamboo rovings are now on the bobbin, well almost all of them, & shall be listed on etsy soon..
So, tell me what your new favourite fiber is!!
Warm wishes, & thanks for visiting moi, la Wooldancer *-*


Taphophile said...

That bamboo is fabulous - you do know how to tempt a woman. ;)

Kate said...

Loved your International Women's day Post - it was so underplayed in the media (suprise, suprise)
My favourite yarn would have to be a cotton/silk blend.

knittydoll said...

oooh! luuurving the new funkifiber photos!!!

HollyEQQ said...

Totally lovin' the batts. They are gorgeous. They have in fact inspired me to get off this blankety blank computer tonight and go make batts!
Question: Where can I find Bamboo roving for a decent price? I have been looking but to no avail.... I have bamboo loose fiber in the dye pots tonight along with some Tussah cultivated silk that is ooooohhhh so pretty and some lovely BFL locks. Almost a shame to dye it them they are all so pretty on their own. :0
I am lovin the bamboo too.


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