needing to come up for air...

I'd like to be floating effortlessly upon the surface, drifting with the tide. the appeal is even stronger when it is out of reach.. & i'd love to feel some lightness of being, afterall, I am a mum of twins & feel i haven't come up for air in over two years really.. but we were beginning to settle in a comfy place, & life had just begun to ease & allow the horizon line to shift just a little lower for more air & space to flow over me. until last week. i am sure it shall return again, just right now I am on the flip-side, in that crazy place of needing to TRUST in the process.

we have been asked to move out of our beautiful home. the owners are selling. i guess i knew it was going to happen, but it always brings with it the air of uncertainty, of re-evaluation. It opens up that sense of belonging - are you where you wish to be, or can you now feel a sense of space to get there, or even a little closer to it. I confess, I am happy where I am now.. Don't get me wrong.. I am excited about this bringing an 'opportunity' to make a new place a home, to aquaint myself with new corners, & the clense, YES the clense from accumulated clutter that happens (i am a bowerbird afterall). i remind myself at these times to not only focus on the destination, to remember the journey.. but do you ever take a journey you didn't intend to take? knowing it would be filled with challenge, adversity & plenty of mountains to climb?

I am a seasoned house-shifter too. We have been here in this home for 2 years, the longest stay I have had in a house since i was 17! My partner & I have had a new home on average once a year for 9 years up till this one (i think the twins have slowed us down).. & since the children have arrived in our lives, I have had the first pang of a longing to stay embedded for a while, to sink down some roots, & hold there a while. The rental market is rather averse to that!! And my saggittarian nature is really very excited about moving again, but of course it wants to move somewhere altogether different, just for the adventure of it all!! - oh, how my inner-sagg delights in escapism!! this i fear would be no good at all for my tallest of little-munchkins, who has just started school,. no good at all.. so i am putting some reigns on the sagg-horse, & channelling the excitement into 'finding a lovely new house' as the peak thrill. & if there was at least any decent selections in the area i would feel less wobbly about the house-hunt.. but alas. We in the Blue Mountains have been swept with the Sydney rental-housing shortage. need i say more! I have been looking for the last 3 weeks only to find crap, mouldy, dull houses, & still they are being swiped up due to the overriding need to have people a roof over their head.

Perhaps i ought to build a yurt & dwell around my friends' gardens! (see below for my first "sketch" if you like!)

Still, I am practising Trust, that the perfect home is waiting for us *-*

I am extending my antennae out to anyone who lives in or near the Blue Mountains to keep us in mind as prospective tennants. I would dearly love to meet a house-owner who seeks a garden-friendly family to look after their beautiful, light-filled mountains abode, rather than going via the real estate malarky.. but hey, right now, any house that has some character will be warmly considered!!

Anyhow, on to fibery interests, my computer has been absent for the last week or so. it was great not having it actually. there were pangs of withdrawral i admit.. but, i kept myself surprisingly productive (more so than if I had had the pc in fact!) I knitted 4 hats (only one frogged) - WOO!! that's pretty impressive for moi, who has very little time to get space in my life for anything other than mothering (oh & house-hunting). zilch spinning tho. blah. but i needed to take the pressure off. i just can't get inspired if i pressure myself to perform (just ask my partner! he he) gotta be in the mood from natural endorphans to spin up the good stuff!!

so, do you want to see the hats? you know i am going to show you anyhow. Remember this:

in true freeform style, it became the Ebb & Flow Tulip Toque:

And for the sketch of a YURT, well, I just had to knit this:

I designed it initially for a Wooldancer Hat Pattern, it knits up thrillingly quickly with my Wooldancer Fusion Singles yarns, & suits adults & children equally well. There is a little smoke-escape chiminea at the top too! The hole serves as efficient ventillation/ air-conditioning, & as there are no windows, there is a place to throw out the bulk (ie, hair/ponytails/dreadlocks etc) that sometimes get in the way of a good toque.

This is the first draft sketch/model. i kinda make up patterns as I go.. so the actual "Wooldancer Yurt Hat Pattern" shall be a little more refined than this one you see here. The middle ridge has been removed, and the chiminea has a little more shape to it.

What do you think? I shall be making some more of these during the Autumn, readying for Winter chills. I have so so many new designs spinning around in my pretty little head, just waiting some more of that elusive "spare" time to be created before the winter sets in. I really do hope Autumn lasts a long time this year!! I can already feel the immenent changing of the colours reflecting in me.

more yarn porn soon, i promise
shine on,
la Wooldancer *-*


Taphophile said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your home - so unfair. I hope your new home finds you soon.

The hats are lovely. Like the idea of a yurt hat. :)

michelle said...

Thank you Taphophile *-* New Home Blessings are very Welcome!!

The Yurt has always been a deep fascination of mine. Imagine living inside a felt home.. and being able to carry it to new destinations. This would suit me down to the ground: nurturing both my fiber fetish & my inner-saggittarian adventurer.. PERFECT..gawsh.. can't believe I haven't thought of this before!.. except i have a family whom may not be so nomadically inclined.. minor hurdle there! So, until that fine day, I shall just have to WISH for the perfect home.. and wear one on my head to keep my heart warm! who knows where that shall take me!!

Taphophile said...

From one Sagg to another, cherish your inner yurt. :)


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