letting go

Isn't it amazing how your perspective can shift when you take a moment to step out of the river of thought, to watch & observe the currents flow before you. I realise how often i am swept away, at the mercy of my busy river-of-thought-Mind.. so many different channels feeding in, winding, surging past the rocks, snags, & still hanging in there with it. I usually enjoy the calm ripple over the pebbles before the water falls away & cascades into a rushing foamy torrent at the bottom of the waterfall.. with me some times fighting to return to the surface, & others where I am daring enough to jump out before the water dumps me.

I have had brief moments througout this process (of buying a house) of stepping out of the river, sitting on the river-bank, with the sun warming my back sending love & light into my heart, & it is only in those moments of disconnection with the "minute details & goings-on in the Thought mind" where i can finally feel what it is i need to know.. to let go.. to allow for the new to enter into my life.

Lucky for me it is Autumn, the time of letting-go, the shedding of excess, & experiencing what mother nature is doing outside.. for me right now it's a feeling of taking part in the process of the Season.. in a symbiotic kind of way.

I am making an Autumn yarn for the most wonderfully talented yarnpunk.. in a Fall-like fashion (Autumn-like, if you so like). When i get my new xD picture card for my camera i'll be able to post some not-too-revealling pics!! ditto goes the same for you & you.. your swaps are energising me to get whirllin'!!

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