Can you imagine farie's spinning with the vortex created by flittering butterfly wings? Bamboo fiber is softer & slinkier than silk, lusterous & oh so somethin' else!

Meet SPRITZ, she's an earthy sprite of the mixed variety: bamboo, tencel & ingeo. Forest Floor & Polar bamboo brothers sit beside her, just divine for spring spinning!

New in store are the NUDE Eco-Fiber Samplers -
You'll be Dancin' in your Dyepot with these luxurious beauties!

These mini-samplers are a perfect taster for spinners & dyers.
Beautiful NUDE, or add some colour (acid for Soy Silk, Procion for Bamboo)

Spin in with your chosen wool fiber for a lovely sheeny yarn, or blend belissimo batts!

Want more than Just a little taster? Then, drop me a line: wooldancer*at*gmail*dot*com
we have bigger sizes too!

Peruse the Listings to find out more about these eco-sustainable fibers!
Thanks for Peeking *-*

1 comment:

knittydoll said...

hey!!!! i am loving your new look funky page and especially love love the new fibres in your store :) lots of love to you from paris!!!!!!!!


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