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i have never won a yarn-prize before - so can you just imagine my glee when i opened this booty from beloved spinsista thespunmonkey. She blessed me with a beautiful meirno/lincoln/suri alpaca/silk noil/denim 2ply & the colours are totally spot-on (this i have no idea how she knew).. and a second exotic surprise skein she spun from tencel & sari silk - she must have known about my inner-bollywood costume fetishist!!!

We are now engaged in a yarn swap for which i'm spinning up reds & purples - i do love a good regal when i get the chance! My mystery prize lit up my entire week *-* Believe me, it's been totally full-on round here - unpacking our posessions, discovering new corners to explore, witnessing our new house undergoing clensing processes in honour of the new occupants (ie. plumbing issues, heater fan glitch, ant infestation..blah blah).. these & more are definately the reasons why i have not been around bloggerville in the last while - i am still seeking out an inch of time to even get some spinning (not to mention dyeing) happening.. i so so *so* need a full-time Nanny (but that's another story!!) ok, back to Shannon's yarny goddness - Be sure to check out her beautiful website and know the softy, lofty, cuddleiciousness of her yarns are simply soooooooo yummy! yeee!!

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