daily dosing with le tour de fleece!

- here are some colourful fragments from my foray with fiber...funkilicious for sure!

Since my outpouring (below post) about lack of time in my life for creative endeavours, i have suddenly hit a surge of activity.. i decided to take some action & challenge myself to make time in my life for swooning amoungst my stash & starting to make a dint into my massive fibery-fluffpile!

so i joined Le Tour de Fleece - a spin-along in symbiosis with the well-known cycling Tour (tho i am sure they are not inclined to drink red wine whilst cycling like some..hmm). So, my Tour challenge is that i play with fiber & actually spin each day from July 7 to July 29!

phew!! "now that's just crazy" i hear you say! well, i have been fingering my fluffpile each day i declare.. pics to prove it .. and i spent 12 hours last weekend in the dyepots thank to my marvellous man who evacuated the house with all 3 children in tow for most of those hours (no sorry, mitts off, he's all mine!!); & have been blending up some fluffy clouds of batts each night too, now that's encouraging!

here's a little snippett of my progress, including my new pulley-system drying rack which i inherited with the house purchase. The little marvel hangs in the ten-foot ceiling above my front (french) doors (& is obviously meant for drying fiber, but doubles as my clothes rack, naturally) - ingenious!
so.. i'm off spinning around again *-* yeee!

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