making space

dad & i are building a shed.. or rather, i am the consultant overseer of the project in terms of design & function, maker of tea, he is the draftsperson & builder extroadinarre, man on the ground. i remember the shed we used to play in at the back of my childhood home which he created with his dad when i was a little tot. we turned it into a cubby house with lovely little spaces to explore, shutters to use as shopfronts, tiny air holes became many wonderful things. my vision for our shed i realise is very much inspired by those memories. During the 30year record storm 8 weeks ago, i had a hairraising experience of transferring our sodden belongings from the sunken tent into a storage facility around the corner.. needless to say we now need to house the stuff at home, hence the shed construction.

I have been having a great time browsing the local demolition yards for doors & windows. my 3rd trip there this morning revealed yet another bargain find - the 3rd matching window for $10! i scored 2 lovely windows on the 2nd trip for $15 a piece, and a great old cedar door for the same price. woot! mas & imi had a great time trudging through all the different sheds full of sinks, antique leadlight window frames, thousands of doors, piles of bricks, sandstone blocks etc. there is a huge digger to see down the back near the recycled hardwood that Mas loves to gase up at. We went to Canberra last week & got a great audio cd book on diggers for him & Imi - we were able to view all sorts of rollers, tippers, bulldozers, graders, cranes, as just near mum & dad's place in canberra they a building an expressway to connect the northern suberbs to the south. Since then, we have been very excited to learn about lorries, freight trucks & the like.. spotting them along the highway made the 4hour car trip quite managable! Anyhow, better go help with the roof truss.. carding & spinning will have to wait until tonight! i am preparing for a huge etsy update for next week.

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